What is the WFBT Guild?


The WFBT Guild serves to celebrate the power and the art of dance in our community; to encourage and support our school and company dancers; and to promote the mission of the Wichita Falls Ballet Theatre.

In an effort to keep with our purpose, the Guild will host two community events this year that will align with the Ballet Theatre’s winter and spring productions.

We will also be starting a new lecture series for the students of the Wichita Falls Youth Ballet, the official school of the WFBT.

Who is the WFBT Guild?


The Guild is comprised of parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, and general friends of dance. We welcome anyone who has a passion for supporting our local fine arts scene.

Why should I join?


Every great deed is accomplished by many small actions. Each member of the guild can lend support in a variety of ways that suits his or her own situation. Whether it be helping decorate, serving pizza at a lecture series, promoting an event on social media, or a monetary donation, no effort goes unnoticed or unappreciated!

The WFBT Guild is free to join; however, we gladly accept donations and financial contributions. We are a non-profit organization and rely solely on the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

Thank you for your support.

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