Abigail Wignarajah

Development Director


Abigail Wignarajah has spent her life in love with the performing arts. As a child, she spent all her spare
time devoted to dance, perfecting changing into a leotard, tights, and performance outfits in the back
seat of a car as she travelled to countless dance practices and performances. She also enjoyed
performing in a travelling clown and puppet show troupe with her family. In high school, she pivoted her
interest to theatre, finding a love of acting. College brought an interest in directing, sound design, and
performance makeup, culminating in graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Post
college, she remained involved in the performing arts, directing and running a successful children’s
theatre, directing area actors in plays and musicals for festivals, script writing for various plays, projects,
videos, and presentations, and coaching high school speech teams. Pivoting now to an administrative
role, she is excited to tell everyone about the excellence of Wichita Falls Ballet Theatre and garner
sponsorships and donations from both businesses and individuals who share her passion for the arts and
her firm belief that WFBT and other arts programs bring enrichment, joy, beauty, and fun to every